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Quaxar's carbon organic friction material works well in all conditions. 

Enjoy a significant cost saving compared to SRAM or SHIMANO's original pads.

We couldn't tell the difference between SRAM OE pads and these in a back to back blind test (identical bikes with pads bedded in).

Long lasting, great performance, and price. 

Exactly what we look for! 

Set up your brakes as in our article BETTER BRAKE SET-UP. It will improve your brake performance. 

2 pairs (4 pads) with springs are included. 

SHIMANO pads are compatible with DURA-ACE, GRX (10&11s), ULTEGRA (8070 & 805), 105 (7070 & 505), Tiagra (4770 & 405), U5000 and 305 Mechinical road disc brakes. 

SRAM pads are compatible with APEX, RIVAL, FORCE and RED 11 speed road disc brakes. 

As per SRAM's HRD Safety Instructions; Use pads with organic brake material only.   

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