Feel free to make suggestions - we'd love to hear about useful/cool sites and Local Bike Shops that we don't know about


  • Geometry Geeks - use it to compare geometry, pretty comprehensive database, you can compare different models and sizes, side by side 
  • Gear calculator - use it for figuring out chainring / cassette sizes if you’re switching to 1x
  • Stem comparison tool - use it to figure out what stem you need when changing frames
  • Fork trail calculator - use to compare what a longer fork or different rake fork will do to your bike's steering
  • Thru axle identification tool - print this and use it to figure out what size thru axels you have (make sure you print at 100% scale) 
  • BIKMO - insurance which covers you for bikes in the pits whilst you are racing
  • Hambini - Blog about the engineering of wheel aerodynamics and bearings

Local Bike Shops that do things the internet can't do for you

  • GA Cycles Southampton - They will probably be able to fix it. Bike workshop come engineering workshop
  • 73Degrees Bristol - Saddle wall and speed dating service. Find your perfect saddle in one sitting