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The properties of a wheel’s spokes have an enormous effect on its riding characteristics and long term durability

Commonly, spokes are selected to build a wheel down to a competitive price, in our experience spoke brands other than SAPIM or DT SWISS fit into this category

LOWMASS wheels are hand built in the UK exclusively with SAPIM’s premium spokes and aluminium nipples

CX-RAY aero spokes offer class-leading strength, low weight, and quality finish

Aero/bladed spokes offer only marginal speed gains for off-road use, but allow a more precise build  than round spokes

Other brands bladed spokes offer many of the same benefit, but are either less durable or more expensive

The D-Light is SAPIM’s premium round disc specific spoke, if built with care is absolutely reliable, but lacks the useful elastic properties of the CX-Ray. It is however, a significantly less costly option

Aluminium nipples have been selected to
minimise rotational mass, spoke preparation products are used during the build to lubricate and seal spoke & nipple threads for long term maintainability of the wheel
All LOWMASS rims use external nipples, this is particularly important for working on tubeless wheels without the need to remove tubeless tape
Our wheels are build behind the rim using SAPIM double square nipples to make sure we have no build marks visible on our black nipples

Each CX-Ray spoke and nipple weigh 5.6g, the D-Light is +0.5g