For gravel riding, there are many variables which should to be taken account when selecting or recommending wheels for gravel riders.

You will find all of the information required to help you to choose the right wheelset, but we would recommend a discussion about your needs. 

Our published weights are measured rather than claimed, and clearly presented so you can make proper comparisons.  

All of our gravel rims are sub 440g and our lightest is 370g! And our gravel specific rims are at least 25mm internal width. 

Wide rims with a low rotational mass provide a real performance boost when riding off-road. 

You will find LOWMASS gravel wheels available from stock, but all are customisable to the optimum number of spokes for you and the riding you do.

All LOWMASS wheels are hand built in the UK, this means we have total quality control and can build you exactly the right wheelset for your needs. 

LOWMASS Gravel Wheels - Wider is Better!