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Quaxar's carbon organic friction material works well in all conditions. 

Enjoy a significant cost saving compared to SRAM or SHIMANO's original pads.

We couldn't tell the difference between SRAM OE pads and these in a back to back blind test (identical bikes with pads bedded in).

Long lasting, great performance, and price. 

Exactly what we look for! 

2 pairs (4 pads) with springs are included. 

SHIMANO pads are compatible with DURA-ACE, GRX (10&11s), ULTEGRA (8070 & 805), 105 (7070 & 505), Tiagra (4770 & 405), U5000 and 305 Mechinical road disc brakes. 

SRAM pads are compatible with APEX, RIVAL, FORCE and RED 11 speed road disc brakes. 

As per SRAM's HRD Safety Instructions; Use pads with organic brake material only.